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      On April 18 , I began  limiting  new orders to  Name tags,   Vintage color and Browntone Flags, and patches we have in stock on the website . Ive taken this route  to  create some space  so we can reduce our backlog of orders to a reasonable level .  We are  gratetful  for everyones support and  your orders .

 I have reduced  our  catalog   to  a limited  selection  while we  get caught up .

  Those on the wait list  prior to April -18- 2016   will be completed as ordered.   If Scribe or myself has  been working with you   on an Order, or he notifies you that a spot on the list is up, contact us ASAP  and your good to go .    

  My Sincere Thanks for your support 

                  Tipsy Gypsy

New  Patch designs: IF you have a design in production it will be unaffected.

Design changes:  we will only change the design of a patch  at the direction of  the command .
 I hope to be a solid resource for the Aviation Community for years to come.   I am making changes to   keep us healthy and  improve  our delivery flow .  

 International Orders :  

   We are  temporarilly  limiting orders to  the United States  only  . 



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