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  Gypsy here:  
Merry Christmas to all .
I have been working hard to get as many orders completed as possible. Hired a new Artist two weeks ago to help . Were making good progress .  I have not taken many new orders this season because of our backlog.  Scribe is still adding people to the notification list  for openings after Im back on track and caught up .Our production crew will be cranking along through the holidays except for Christmas and New years day - Our Admin coverage will be spotty from  22 Dec to 5 Jan ,  If you need to call, leave a  good contact number so we can get ahold of you .  

    This Year was a rough one for me personally but it has turned out to be a  blessing, and next year is gonna be great . Were all looking forward to it and excited  to  do our best for you  in 2015 .
       Have a Blessed Holiday  and  a Rippin great New Year !!!

             Gypsy and the Crew

 I dont send people to other shops unless they are pretty special . The best  embroidered patches Ive ever seen came from Moritz Embroidery Works and
and Ive talked to  Brian Moritz about  adding a link to his website . Their work is outstanding and like us, they are a family business .
                Visit our Friends at Moritz Embroidery .
           Tell them Gypsy sent you .

Moritz Embroidery

 Appreciate your support and allowing us to keep doing what we love best, Making awesome patches for the Military community.

 Our production is at maximum. I have as much as we can physically do in the pipeline and  we are working it through the process .  This is oldskool hand work and doing it to my satisfaction takes focus, concentration . I am shipping every day  and we will be working the shop through the holiday. 

     All of my  production is allocated to  orders placed  earlier this  year  and we are  doing our best to  get  our backlog worked down to a reasonable  amount. I know many of you are waiting patiently to place a new order .  I won't leave anyone out If you wish to get something made .  The best course is to email Scribe  with an Add Me  to the list in your subject line .  We  will be  filling production schedules from this list once  room is available.  

Please understand that due to our extensive backlog and waiting list we can not make an accurate estimate of delivery date . We do guarantee that the quality will be the best the Gypsy can produce.

Thank you for Serving our Country, We understand what that means and its cost, We are all Retired Navy or  Navy veterans  - Were grateful for your support and honored to have our work on your Flight Jackets and Flight suits.


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