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  Gypsy here:  

  I have a pipeline of around 270 orders in work at all times. Scribe pulls from the notification list to ensure Im always at max productivity . Orders on average are running 5 to 7 months. New tooling can take longer .

  There are 3 of us  and we  turn out very nice work  but it takes  considerable effort to  produce  enough patches  for everyones  needs .  

Ive made a couple of changes to improve our quality / speed  . The first is a new 100 watt laser cutting machine . Ive been cutting the edges of every patch out by hand for many years -  The laser does it  quicker, and with more accuracy and I can save the wear and tear on the hands .
     The  new EPA and states  regulations on voc's have made it increasingly difficult to aquire suitable emulsions,  oils and pigments used in our process.  Its been a real pain in the rear to come up with a quality alternative to the  colorants and formulas used in the past . We  completley retooled our process and worked out new colorants that are even better and more durable than the old ones - (and they meet the new regulations)  You will notice  the colors have  a richer tone and more uniform appearance  from patch to patch .

Ive also gone to a better quality protective coating  with a more robust  UV resistance in the finish on each patch .   Our leather supplier   has not changed / is the  best vintage tannery  in the United States /  it allows us to turn out  awsome patches with chrisp sharp detail . We started phasing in the changes in February of  this year .

   My Sincere Thanks to all of you for your support and  the kindness of  your orders .
             Thank you for Serving our  Country .

                  Tipsy Gypsy

  If you want to get on the  wait list and understand that it might take a while till I can get  to you  - please email  us   and I will contact you  as soon as we get some workspace available .   Put " Add Me"  in the subject line and  tell us what you need .

Note:   Please make sure you provide Scribe with a non military / non government email address  . Most of our emails to official addresses dont make it or have the pictures and Invoices removed  . We have no way of determining if the  email made it to you .  The best way to ensure this does not occur is to provide an alternate  email address  which is not subject to official  blocks or filtering. Google ,Yahoo, hotmail , any civilian account will work  to insure you get your notification, invoices etc .  

     If you want to get some work done, you will need to get on the notification list ,  I have not experienced slack time for many years,  so you will want to get on the que  and we can contact you when your slot pops up .  You can either proceed with an order or give the slot to the next guy in line.  


(904)-269-1369    or email us at

The following orders are complete and ready to ship but  We have lost contact with their owners and need  shipping info - please give Scribe a call :

# 14391     Chris  Crush
# 14269     James Foss 
# 14335     Ryan Smith

The Following orders are ready to go on the production schedule or have been pulled from webstock , We have lost contact . Please give Scribe a call asap if you still want the slot or the order ..

# 12510  Aaron  Tucker
# 15144  Christopher Miller
# 15375  Nate  Wisniewski
# 15269  Casey  Swift    
# 15255  Kyle  Brewster  



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