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Tipsy Gypsy

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 Gypsy here,
In February my wife was in a auto collision  - she came out with a few bumps and bruises but a few days later collapsed from a ruptured blood vessel in her brain.  She was in ICU at Mayo for 28 days and is still in the hospital . It has been a very difficult time for my family but the prognosis is good and it will improve with time. This has had minimal impact on the shop as I have a very capable crew to help me keep things moving.  It has however  caused  me to be a little  more behind  and be a bit slower than usual .  I am committed to maintaining our  quality and our workload I ask that you continue to support us with your orders. 
  Weve made good progress on the backlog ,Were working as quickly as possible. It is my wish and intention to do the work as quickly as you guys order it - the reality is that there are more of you ordering patches than I can keep up with. We do our very best but There are only so many things we can do in a 24 hour day. I would ask each of you to be patient and understand the nature of the work we do and the quality of the patches we provide.

 We have been using the notification list to keep track of those who would like to order some of our work. It looks like the list will remain in place for now  and this is the best option for us to keep you in the loop.  We hope to return to an open order system  but until that happens please help us keep you in que by getting on our notification list. By sending an email to us with Add Me To The List  in the subject line and a note detailing how we can help you.  

   Scribe will pull new orders from the notification list , please respond promptly when you receive his email  -  The DOD email servers are much more aggressive in filtering email with picture files and links - You may want to provide a Civilian email address ( Gmail hotmail Yahoo etc.)  We do not share our contact list or mass market.

                            Tipsy Gypsy

I know you guys are excited to get  your patches and get them on your Jackets for the cold weather. I'm working very hard to get  caught up and Im not taking any short cuts on quality.  

 I  have to  focus my remaining production capacity on existing  orders. We have set up a notification list for those who wish to place an order when were caught up.   Scribe will contact those who wish to be emailed  once our backlog has been reduced to a reasonable  level .

          Cheers and many Thanks           
                    Gypsy and Crew,

 If you want to get on our Notification list for an order Please send an email with Add Me in the subject line  and tell us what you need and how we can contact you.  Scribe  will put you on our notification list and send an email when it's  your turn to order.  Please use the same email when you do follow up as thats how  we track orders.   When you contact us about your order put your Quote  or Invoice # in the subject line to speed up the process.

Due to our  extensive backlog and small staff we are not accepting visitors or walk-in orders at the shop.  If you  have a completed  order and wish to pick it up in person - Scribe will be happy to schedule an appointment for you.


(904) 269-1369    or email us at