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By Tipsy Gypsy

  Gypsy here:  I want to thank everyone for the kind words and prayers for my wife. She is home and doing well . I am busy catching up to the workload.
  I appreciate everyones patience over the past several months . We are getting back on track now . I'm putting as much time in as I can each day  and we are  making good progress on clearing the backlog .  Scribe is emailing folks from our notification list as we have space available.  I am working on the oldest orders and moving forward .

  Much of my  production is allocated to  orders placed  earlier this  year  and we are  doing our best to  get  our backlog worked down to a reasonable  amount. I know many of you are waiting patiently to place a new order .  I won't leave anyone out If you wish to get something made .  The best course is to email Scribe  with an Add Me  to the list in your subject line .  We  will be  filling production schedules from this list once  room is available.
 If your trying to plan a squadron buy its best to contact Scribe as soon as possible so he can get you a slot on the notification list  before it books up.

  My focus is on the best quality we can produce  and Ill do it as quickly as that permits. Thank you all for your patience .

Thank you for for wearing our patches  - Were grateful for your support and especally for your Service to our Country.


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