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  Gypsy here:  

  Merry Christmas, Happy  Hanukkah and a Prosperous Blessed, New Year to you AlI .

 We've had  a very Busy year here and I am booked solid , have no  openings to do new orders for the holidays.  We continue to  complete orders from earlier in the year .  I have a notification list  and Ive asked Scribe  fill in our production  schedule from These  contacts .  I know many of you want to get  our work on your Flight Jacket and I am  humbled by the demand for our patches .  I am doing my best , I wont forget anyone , If you will be patient  we will get to everyone  .

   There are 3 of us  and we  turn out very nice work,  but it takes  considerable effort to  produce  enough patches  for everyones  needs .  I receive  many many calls  requisting  New  orders .  We have very limited  Administrative staff and  a heavy call volume can quickly bring  patch production to a standstill . Use email if at all possible .

.  Please do not put  payment information  in  an email  - It is unsecure  -  we only take payment  information over the phone or by  US Postal Mail   If you call after hours  leave us a contact  #  and we will  return the call .

  1.  New Orders :  No Availability - You need to get on the notification list (Add Me ) email  
  2.          We will contact you when its your turn in line, and if no response , the next guy .
  3. Exact Delivery dates: I never know how many patches Ill  be making for each order  / I allow additional patches  right up  until I start making the order.  The work absolutely has to look good to me or I wont finish it and the patch will need to be done again . I am very adamant about this and it can cause a delay . I do on occasion give a rough estimate or ballpark range . I will do the best I can but primary focus is  exceptional quality .without compromise .
  4. Information about how we make our patches .  Please  dont ask - I have a lot of my life invested  in  the craft and  many tables to keep food on  . Can not  and will not  share our  knowlege , experience , trade secrets , copyrights , patents ......  respectfully .  
  1. Detailed Information about items listed in our web catalog :  I try to post  a good selection of information in our  web listings , If there is something not listed that you need  to know more about  please ask ,  Email is the best way  to accomplish this .       

   My Sincere Thanks to all of you for your support and  the kindness of  your orders .
             Thank you for Serving our  Country .

                  Tipsy Gypsy

  If you want to get on the  wait list and understand that it might take a while till I can get  to you  - please email  us   and I will contact you  as soon as we get some workspace available .   Put " Add Me"  in the subject line and  tell us what you need .

Note:   Please make sure you provide Scribe with a non military / non government email address  . Most of our emails to official addresses dont make it or have the pictures and Invoices removed  . We have no way of determining if the  email made it to you .  The best way to ensure this does not occur is to provide an alternate  email address  which is not subject to official  blocks or filtering. Google ,Yahoo, hotmail , any civilian account will work  to insure you get your notification, invoices etc .  

     If you want to get some work done, you will need to get on the notification list ,  I have not experienced slack time for many years,  so you will want to get on the que  and we can contact you when your slot pops up .  You can either proceed with an order or give the slot to the next guy in line.  


(904)-269-1369    or email us at

The following orders are complete and ready to ship but  We have lost contact with their owners and need  shipping info - please give Scribe a call :

# 15124     Bradley Huntsaker
# 15062      Doug  Wojciechowski
# 14269     James Foss 
# 14335     Ryan Smith

The Following orders are ready to go on the production schedule or have been pulled from webstock , We have lost contact . Please give Scribe a call asap if you still want the slot or the order ..

# 15602 AAron  Vandivort
# 15616  Bill     Chase
# 15625  Adrian  Calder
# 15269  Casey  Swift    
# 15255  Kyle  Brewster  



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We have hundreds of patch setups on file.Visit our online catalog to see what we can make and what we have on hand.  Custom  patches are available and a big part of what we do. Drop us an email to and let us know about your project.

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