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  Gypsy here:  

 Thank you all for the kind notes and good wishes for the wife . Weve been hard at work  catching up and have made good progress on the backlog.  Ive been able to  keep our quality standards high and make improvements to the process .  Things should continue to get  faster and better as we get through the worklist .

   We have allocated most of our production time  to getting caught up / working off the back log-  Anything  additional will come from Scribes notification list .  I know many of you have been waiting patiently , I am  grateful  for your understanding . I had no control  over last years delay but we will make sure everyone gets what they wanted -  I have had several calls  requesting  relocation to the top of the list because of the wait time ,  I understand the  frustration  but I cant work in that way for obvious reasons . I wont forget anyone and your patches will  look awesome  when you get them .   If you simply cant wait for me to finish the order, My apologies , Drop us an email and I can  refund  and reassign the  slot  .  

   If you want to get on the  wait list and understand that it might take a while till I can get  to you  - please email  us   and I will contact you  as soon as we get some workspace available .   Put Add Me  in the subject line and  tell us what you need .
 Appreciate your support and allowing us to keep doing what we love best, Making awesome patches for the Military community.

Note:   We have had many issues with our emails going to the spam filters or having photos and excel files  striped out   at official addresses .  I have been unable to prevent these issues .  The best way to ensure this does not occur is to provide an alternate  email address  which is not subject to official  blocks or filtering. Google ,Yahoo, hotmail , any civilian account will work  to insure you get your notification, invoices etc .  

     If you want to get some work done, you will need to get on the notification list ,  I have not experienced slack time for many years,  so you will want to get on the que  and we can contact you when your slot pops up .  You can either proceed with an order or give the slot to the next guy in line.  


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